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occasionally few tourists gather

Here and I'm rearing panda, we can only watching from a distance it lovely panda can bow. Looked at it a shake three put slowly walked back to the depths of the bamboo forest.

Is such an ancient town,  in this place, pass the original so show in front of our eyes, of primitive simplicity clean leisureliness, let people around in its heart were flung open Cloud Virtual Desktop, too. Town is located in the mountains of empty quiet, folkway, ancient carefree. Let us from the bottom of my heart fell in love with this beautiful blue sky.another 1 town.

In the way of life, everyone is a passer-by. Is often to meet, leave is inevitable. And we are through the meantime, been through too much, love too many people, leave too much, too sentimental reneex. When one day, calm down, looking back, the residual dream in this life, we would only smile.

In fact, most of the time, our life is just like a smooth river, plain and quiet. But there are too many disappointments in life, the right is unpleasant, not equal to idea of wealth, the not equal to idea of love office furniture, dream of the ideal. We are too high to own request, we want to become a man here, we want to be, li ka-shing, we want to be Andy lau, we want to return home, we are going to get rich. Unfortunately, everything goes well too little, struggling to pursue, eventually end up with a sieve. Bitter yourself, hurt others, waste the time, miss time poem rain.

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