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where me strong was a towering

Most beautiful in life, there you have my home there is love...... Write a warm, in words of meridians to dredge the pulse of the life, to keep the beauty of life, with the mind to perceive this from jumping in the soul and indulgence. The heart comfort feeding the afterlife... Take the beauty of life...... Old to grow old in the winter time... Old years old appearance, only old is to the life of the copy of the complaint or regret... Love...... Soul mountain, water, since the childhood is my hope hong kong hotel promotion , in the formative years all the way, to the invasion of the mountain let me strong, water tender feelings let me romance, as a result, in the dream will always have a calling, call I go to the mountain see water scenery, finally, one day, I know a place called lijiang, where there was a towering snow-capped mountains in ten thousand, several flowing river in one thousand, the mountain like a wise man, standing in the ancient city, write a tale of an ancient city, running in the ancient city, read a story of a city, legends and stories in the past an old legend, legend and make lijiang alive again, so the landscape Web Vulnerability Scan , the lijiang make shan lingshui xiu, jie people spirit, become a dream paradise. Six years ago, our family sit in the evening after visited Dali to lijiang on cars, arrived in lijiang, is in the evening, lijiang is somewhat mysterious under the starlight, the tour guide directs us to square street, is not to far away, sifang street has been introduced into my ear drum song lithe and graceful, SuSuDe tones to listen to the itching, I saw not far from the square street drunk in a red light, gentle and romantic, across it figure as shown in the atmosphere of the now with a shadow play, along with the anticipated mood, I also wander the streets to the height of the voice, and it's the square street, much like the old Shanghai dancers, enchanting, enchanting charm, this is quiet in the house you find , but the strobe lights flashing on the move to let it dry, followed from drinking tea at this time also like drunk sleep wake up feeling lend wine to burn again, on both sides of the river channel YiZhanZhan red lanterns to light up the night, with square street WenQing and debauchery. A bunch of guys and dolls in the river on both sides, or wine, or tea, or listen to the song, the forest of love is written on the face, think that light pulp in the shadow of qinhuai river so much? Unfortunately, sifang street river can reward can't swim, did not otherwise be a leaf boat, pulled a lyrical piece of music to match the intoxicating Venice?

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